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Petroleum Geology

Petroleum geology is the study of the origin, natural occurrence, movement, gathering of and exploration of hydrocarbon fuels, especially oil or petroleum. The main focus of petroleum geology is studying and finding oil. Petroleum geology is stratigraphy, the relationship between rock layers and the way they can move or shift. The movement of rock layers can affect where petroleum deposits are found, as well as the removal of the petroleum.

Petroleum geosciences include the exploration and recovery of oil and gas. Hydrocarbons are formed through geological processes in the underground. In order to prove deposits, wells must be drilled. Underground CO2 deposits are an important contribution to reduce emissions, perhaps in combination with injections into the oil reservoirs to improve the recovery factor. The development of new knowledge and technology in this field is also an important element within petroleum geosciences.

·         Petroleum Geoscience

·         Marine and Petroleum Geology

·         Coal and minerals

·         Geochemistry

·         Rock mechanics; petrophysics

·         Petroleum Geophyscis

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